Management in the 21st century

Even though social media have only been available for a short period of time, they strongly influence the ways of knowledge work. The ability to use these media efficiently is crucial for companies to be competitive. The aim of the project Management in the 21st century was to identify the most prospective areas for the use of social media and to present some recommendations how to implement social media into companies, while also mentioning some inevitable changes in corporate culture. The research results are focused mainly on the Czech business environment.

From DAE to Praxis

Do you know what's the difference between a good and a bad CV? Would you be able to write a cover letter by yourself? Would you like to check your theoretical knowledge in practice? Are you comfortable in job offers, trainee programmes and other options to gain practical experience? If you aren't sure in at least one of the following, you're at the right page!

Quality Management

Quality Management at DAE deals with Quality as an essential part of an individual’s as well as an organisational culture. Dealing with the reasons why quality is so essential, the international terminology is introduced, total quality concepts are to be known, and the students learn characteristics of industrial as well as service quality approaches, models and tools based on the automotive background of the teacher. More...

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management at DAE deals with understanding of tacit knowledge in persons and organizations, how to identify, collect, and transfer tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge, how to plan, do, check and act self-administered questionnaires and interviews, how to integrate implicit and explicit knowledge. This course does not guide any KM-technologies, esp. IT. More...

Innovation Management

Innovation Mangement in DAE deals with researching as a process, how to transfer research into inventions and innovations, and characteristics of industrial innovation process. More...