CzechInvest Olomouc evaluated according to ISO 9004:2009

Authors: Bc. Klapsiová, Petra., Bc. Krištofíková, Zuzana., Bc. Tajchmanová, Eva.
Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Günter H. Hertel

This project was supported by Quality Austria in Czech Republic

1. Abstract

This paper intends to:

  • Introduce the Olomouc branch of CzechInvest
  • Intention of this project in the course of “Quality Management”: to get familiar with the ISO9004:2009 International Standard
  • Present the assessment of CzechInvest according to the ISO 9004:2009
  • Provide suggestions
  • Describe experiences with this kind of a project for our successors in the university


2. Research Focus Specification

The main focus was put on the assessment of key-elements of ISO 9004:2009 standard:

  • Managing for the Sustained Success of an Organization
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Resource Management
  • Process Management
  • Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Review
  • Improvement, Innovation and Learning


3. CzechInvest Olomouc

Established in 1992, the agency contributes to attracting foreign investment and developing domestic companies through its services and development programmes. CzechInvest also promotes the Czech Republic abroad and acts as an intermediary between the EU and small and medium-sized enterprises. The mission is to support investment activities to the highest level of competence not only through information service and consultancy but also by linkage with structural funds of the EU. CzechInvest provides services that are free of charge. The most important include full information assistance, handling of investment incentives, access to EU structural funds, care for existing clients and others. CzechInvest (for whole Czech Republic) has been certificated of ISO 9001 by Quality Austria in 2004.


SWOT analysis


  • good company
  • name strong position at Czech market
  • a lot of realized projects
  • motivation of employees
  • clear communication
  • support of innovative projects that can increase the competitiveness of the region

  • small regional office (2 employees)
  • long negotiation with potential partners

  • huge spectrum of opportunities in the Olomouc region
  • broader cooperation with UP and students cooperation with the Centre of Innovation Olomouc (VUT)
  • cooperation with the university, new ideas and projects support

  • European grants
  • less interest from customers to settle in Olomouc region
  • relative saturation of the Olomouc region market


4. CzechInvest Olomouc evaluation results

CzechInvest Agency was evaluated according to ISO 9004:2009 as follows (level 5 stands for the ideal maturity of an organization):


Spider Diagram (level 5 is an ideal maturity of an organization)

The regional office of CzechInvest in Olomouc was evaluated on a very high level. According to our results we can conclude that CzechInvest operates on a very professional level and provides the best service possible for its customers, investors and interested parties. The highest levels were reached by Resource Management, Strategy and policy and Monitoring, measurement, analysis and review.
The strategy is clearly formulated by the top management of CzechInvest and applied on regional level. All employees in regional offices understand, accept and aim to fulfil the goals, mission and vision of CzechInvest. Furthermore, employees regularly take part in educational courses that aim to improve their work competences. The communication between employees as well as between other interested parties is open, non-problematic and held on a personal level.
Regarding financial sources, the incomes of CzechInvest are planned in detail and evaluated on a regular basis. Managing for the sustained success, process management and improvement, innovation and leasing reached the second highest maturity level. Therefore we have following recommendations:

5. Suggestions

  • Even though CzechInvest’s employees in Olomouc work very efficiently, we believe that CzechInvest could benefit from additional work force. Therefore we see a space for improvement in cooperation with university students in Olomouc. This would not only provide needed praxis for students but also provide work force at lower cost for CzechInvest. In addition to this, CzechInvest could see this as an opportunity to raise their future employees,
  • Another possibility is to cooperate on joint projects with other regional offices. This would join work force of regional offices. Moreover, this would provide a chance to share knowledge and expertise of employees. Cooperation would also provide better service for clients,
  • Regarding improvement, innovation and learning we do not recommend taking any strong measures as we consider it to be working highly effectively. However, it is crucial to constantly follow the development and new ideas that could be applied on Olomouc region in the future.

6. Conclusions and Acknowledgement

Our cooperation with CzechInvest was undoubtedly very important for our team. It was really interesting to have the possibility to see how the regional office works. Such cooperation gave us an essential opportunity how to improve our time management and team working. Our hearts are full of admiration for the work of the Olomouc’ representative, Ing. Lenka Gondová.


7. Links and Reference

Contact Person of CzechInvest
Internal Audit Department Director/ředitel odboru interního auditu
Stanislav Masák, MSc.

Contact person of Quality Austria in Czech Republic
General Manager
Petr Kopecky, Ing.

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